Love Will Find A Way


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A while back, someone requested this tab.  As I am doing this from memory, I 
can't guarantee complete accuracy... but it should go something like this. 
This pattern is played over the following chords until the lyrics begin (3X): A G A Bm G A This same chord pattern exists throughout the 1st verse... 1st verse: You wanna get close to me, The feeling's so clear, But I need some time to see Vision through my tear. You wanna get next to me, I need your intrusion. I don't need to be, Blinded by confusion. For these next lyrics, use the following chord arrangement: G A Here is my heart, G* A* where G* : x2x033 Waiting for you A* : x07650 G A Here is my soul, G* A* I eat at Chez Nous. Then use same A G A Bm G A arrangement for the Chorus: Love will find a way, if you want it to. Love will find a way, love will find a way for me and you. Bm A Love will find a way (repeat 4x)... then back to intro line, etc. 2nd Verse: So you want to get over me, and that's how you feel. Everything you want to be, seems so unreal. I want to be all of you, and that's the confusion. It's so hard for me, to draw a conclusion. Repeat 'Here is my heart' verse and then Chorus. OK. Here is my attempt at the solo. All is arranged for guitar... I repeat, this is from memory, so don't shoot if it's wrong. By the way, the chords are the same as the verse sections. Solo: E---5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5--5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5--5-3-2--3-2-0--2-0----2-0----------------- B-------------------------------------------------------3-----------10-10-12-10 G------------------------------------------------------------------------------ D------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A------------------------------------------------------------------------------ E------------------------------------------------------------------------------ E----12-10-9----------7-7-7--7-7-7--7-5----------5-5--9------9----------------- B------------12-10----7-7-7--7-7-7--7-5--5-5--7-----------10---10-8--------10-- G---------------------------------------------------------------------9-11----- D------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A------------------------------------------------------------------------------ E------------------------------------------------------------------------------ E---9-10-9--12-10-9--------------9-10-12-10--9-10------------------------------ B-------------------------10-10------------------------------------------------ G--------------------9-11------------------------------------------------------ D------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A------------------------------------------------------------------------------ E------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hope this helps... If anyone knows how to send this to Jamesb at nevada, please do me a favor and send it there. I have no idea how and have little time right now. Thanks in advance. TomDom Civil Engineering The Pennsylvania State University

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