Handle with care

Traveling Wilburys

Tom: D
Intro: D  C  G  

D         C       G  
Been beat up and battered around  
D        C           G  
Been set up and I've been shut down  
C                          G      Em  
You're the best thing that I ever found  
C      D       G  
Handle me with care  

Reputations changable,  
situations tolerable  
But baby you're adorable  
Handle me with care  

G B7 C D I'm so tired of being lonely G B7 C D I still have some love to give G B7 C D G Won't you show me that you really care C G Everybody's got somebody to lean on C D Put your body next to mine and dream on
I've been fobbed off and I've been fooled I've been robbed and ridiculed In daycare centers and night schools Handle me with care D C G D C G Been stuck in airports terrorised, Sent to meetings hypnotised Overexposed commercialised Handle me with care Chorus I've been uptight and made a mess But I'm cleaning up myself I guess Oh the sweet smell of success Handle me with care INSTRUMENTAL VERSE

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