To Live's To Fly -(ver. 2)

Townes Van Zandt

Tom: G
(Intro riff*4) G D G D Won't say I love you babe, Won't say I need you babe D A G D But I'm gonna get you babe, and I will not do you wrong G D G D Livin's mostly wasting time, and I waste my share of mine D A G D But It never feels too good, so lets not take to long
1: G D G A Oh you're soft as glass, and I'm a gentle man D A And we've got the sky to talk about G D And the world to lie upon
(Intro riff*2) G D G D Days up and down they come like Rain on a conga drum D A G D Forget most, remember some but don't turn none away G D G D Everything is not enough & nothin' is too much to bear D A G D Where you've been is good and gone all you keep is the gettin' there
2: G D G A To Live Is To Fly Both low and high D A So shake the dust off of your broken wings G D And the sleep out of you eyes
(Intro riff*2) Good-by to all my friends it's time to go again Just think about the poetry and the pickin' down the line I'll miss the system here the bottom's low and the treble's clear But it don't pay to think too much on the things you leave behind
3: Oh I may be gone, But it won't be long I'll be a bringing back the melodies And the rhythms that I found
(Intro riff under organ solo) We all got holes to fill & them holes are all that's real Some fall on you like a storm sometimes you dig your own The choice is yours to make, time is yours to take Some dive into the sea some toil upon the stone FINAL Chorus: To Live Is To Fly Both low and high So shake the dust off of your broken wings And the sleep out of you eyes Shake the dust off of your wings And the tears out of your eyes... (Intro riff, end on D)

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