Blow, Wind, Blow

Tom Waits

Tom: Em
Em Blow, wind, blow wherever you may go. Am Put on your overcoat, Dm Em Take me away. Got to take me on into the night,(2) Am Blow me away.(2)
Em Mary's on the blacktop, There's a husband in the doghouse. Am In the middle of a shakedown Em She got quiet as a church mouse, She found Raleighs on the dashboard, Sugar daddy caught a polo car. Am Bm Em Ain't no solitary tap dance way down here. Em I swear I's ridin on a fieldmouse. We were dancing in the slaughterhouse. Am If you skip along the beltway Em Then you skid along the all day, 'Cause I went a little crazy And I sat on my highchair, Am Bm Em And I'm smokin' like a diesel way out here. (Chorus)

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