The Christmas Song

The Wannbes

Tom: C
C                   Am   
I dont know what?s going down  
   F             G  
So when is Santa coming to town?  
He?s watching us hes got our toys  
So lets be good little girls and boys  
I?ve been so good  
I?m starting to wake  
I?ve been real good  
For goodness sake  
    F               G   
But now I?m sick of counting sleeps  
   C                  Am  
I wish he?d just show up the creep  

F G We dont care who F G We dont care how F G C We just want our present now
They say hes got a lot of elves With lots of toys up on his shelves We?ve had to wait till Christmas Day What the hell is the delay? Chorus BRIDGE 2: So fire up your damn reindeer And Santa get your but in here Chorus F G C We just want our presents now (x2) B C

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