My Winter Coat

The Roches

Tom: D
Capotraste na 2ª casa

Intro: D 

verse 1 
                A       G 
The fit is generous and loose 
    D                   A       D     
The coat is filled with down of goose 
Should I feel guilty about that? 
           D        A        D     
I wouldn't wear the fur of a cat 

verse 2 
    G                    C        G      C  G 
The coat is black, so in New York city 
   A                      D         A7 
It doesn't look dirty, it stays pretty 
    D                       A         G 
The cuffs are purple, which perfectly suits 
  D               A       D     
A pair, I already had, of boots 

verse 3 
                        A        G 
Can't help sharing on a personal note 
  D                A           D      
A secret I have concerning the coat 
One of the reasons that it got my vote 
                   D     A         D     
Is the way it lies open around the throat 

verse 4 
    G                     C        G      C  G 
For me the collar mustn't come too high 
  A                         D       A7 
Because, well all right, my skin is dry 
        D                A         G 
So each morning I rub my face with oil 
        D                    A            D      
And the fabric, you see, the grease could soil 

Verse 5 
                       A        G 
Can we speak a moment about the lining 
      D      A         D     
After my own heart's designing 
It's nylon, so your skirts don't wind 
        D      A         D     
Up in a bunch around you behind 

Verse 6 
G                           C       G       C  G 
When the time comes for the coat to clean 
    A                       D         A7 
You throw this thing in the washing machine 
D                          A            G 
Drying, you doubt, but the filling does fluff 
    D                      A        D     
I'm here to proclaim, this coat is enough 

Verse 7 
                            A       G 
The length of the coat is below the knees 
          D          A          D     
So in the cold, your legs don't freeze 
I'm nuts about another one of its charms 
                  D         A         D     
There's plenty of room underneath the arms 

Verse 8 
    G                    C               G      C  G 
The coat's not bulky, it weighs about an ounce 
         A                       D         A7 
And it's practically void of any frivolous flounce 
  F#m                         G 
I will admit, it has shoulder pads 
Em                          D      A7 
All things considered, it's not so bad 
   D                  A        G 
It looks alright even from the side 
                   D            A      D     
I guess 'cause the bottom isn't overly wide 

Verse 9 
                           A             G 
Okay, so you say, you'd prefer something hipper 
D                    A        D     
Can I just tell you about the zipper 
I searched for it for many years 
           D           A     D     
Last one I had, I tore up in tears 

verse 10 
   G              C        G       C  G 
It turned me into Jack the Ripper 
    A                     D       A7 
But now I stepped in Cinderella's slipper 
   D                            A            G 
It runs from the gullet to just south of the crotch 
                    D            A      D     
And working, it's a task you can hardly botch 

verse 10 
It's made of a material that will not rust 
             D          A         D     
It won't get stuck, you don't get fussed 
     G                  C     G    C  G 
It undoes easily in the usual way 
            A                        D              A7 
But you can also pull it up if you'd like to, let's say 

        F#m                               G 
There's snaps as well, which I don't even use 
     Em                   D        A7 
They beat out buttons, if I had to choose 

verse 12 
    D                  A           G 
I remember the night I went to the store 
D                          A             D     
Fighting my way across the cloak-stuffed floor 
Suffocating, I was, it seemed 
            D          A         D     
When from a rack, this last hope beamed 

verse 13 
   G                         C        G      C  G 
Of all my requirements, I pursued the trail 
   A                         D            A7 
To find furthermore the damn thing was on sale 
   D                        A           G 
It had a small chain at the back of the neck 
             D                         A               D     
So you could hang it on a hook, but it broke, what the heck 

verse 14 
                                 A       G 
With the end of each sleeve, I'm totally smitten 
D                   A             D     
Ample space for to emerge a thick mitten 
If you wanna be warm, it wins far and away 
                   D             A       D     
It's like walking around in your bed all day 

verse 15 
  G                                 C         G       C  G 
I know you're not supposed to be so fond of a thing 
      A                             D         A7 
But today this is my heartfelt inspiration to sing 
  D                               A            G 
I hope you don't think I'm merely trying to be clever 
            D          A       D     
I wish this coat would last forever 

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