Light of the night

The Koskinens

Tom: F
F                       F#m              F 
Stars burning, people turning around_____ 
F#m                                       F 
The moon?s reflecting, the night is young___ 
We?re having a seaside party and we?ll play this song  
Al night long_ 
F#m A It?s the light of the night and it feels alright F#m A And I say hey! It?s okey Em A It?s you and I, so come on by F#m In the light of the night
Vers 2. Em D On the beach, al around Em D Feel the beat, hear the sound Em D Come up here, loose your fear Em D See the crowd, wild and loud F#m Dancing to the end of time Ref. x2 ending That was it, that was all But I know people will keep on dancing ?till the end of time

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