She moves in her own way

The Kooks

Tom: G
Verse 1 
G                  C                    Am 
So at my show on Monday I was thinking someday 
                 Bm     D      G 
You'd be on your way to better things 
                    C                         Am 
It's not about your make up or how you try to shape up 
          Bm       D    G      C Am                 Bm D 
To these ties and paper dreams. Paper dreams honey. 
Verse 2 
G                    C                         Am 
So now you pour your heart out telling me your far out 
                    Bm   D             G 
You're not about to lie down for your cause 
But you don't pull my strings 
          Am          Bm           D      G 
Cos I'm a better man moving on to better things. 

G D Am But oohh I love her because C D Em She moves in her own way C Am But oohh she came to my show C D G Just to hear about my day.
Verse 1 REPEAT Verse 2 REPEAT Chorus BRIDGE X 2 Em Bm D C Yes I wish that we never made it G D Through all the summers Em Bm D C We kept the moon instead of kicking us G D Back down to the suburbs Chorus X 2 [email protected]

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