Dear Eloise

The Hollies

Tom: D
  Intro     chords    D    C/D C/G    D 
 D     C/D       D      C/D      D     C/D   
Dear Eloise I am writing to say a number of funny things 
  Am7     D   
I heard today. 
    D             C/D         D        C/D   D  
I heard that he's left you and run off to sea. Could be 
      C/D            Am7        D 
the best thing that's happened to me. 
( 2-3-4)   Verse 1 
   D                    A       
Writing this letter to make you feel better 
   G                      D 
Sorry to hear that he's left you this way 
  D                    A       
I could have told you he was much older 
  G                 D 
So much older than you 
           Verse 2 
You rushed in blindly he treated you kindly 
Until he found out what he could get from you 
You shold have departed before he got started 
Now you've been burned just like I said you would 
    C              D           C         D                    
Please read this letter closely It's beneficial to you 
     F#7                                  G       
You must read in between the lines the message you 
will see  
   F#7                                  G  
And if you use your mind you'll find I want you back 
     A     A7 
with me      
 Ba  Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba (ect sung to verse) 
  Repeat bridge 
  Repeat first verse 
  Repeat Intro   end 
   (Chord)  C/D   xx0010  C/G  xx0013     

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