Bedtime Story

Tammy Wynette

Tom: A
{S:A} I've told you almost ev'ry bedtime {S:A} story 
And {S:A} you've heard almost ev'ry nursery {S:E} rhyme 
So, to-{S:D} night before you go to sleep 
And {S:A} pray the Lord your {S:F#} soul to keep 
Here's {S:B} mommy's favorite {S:E} story one more {S:A} time. 
A Once upon a time there was a castle 
And in this castle lived a King and E Queen 
And it D came to pass, they were both were blessed 
A By one little F# blue-eyed princess 
B With the softest golden curls you've ever E seen. 
A But then one day, he met this pretty lady 
And she had lots of pretty words to E say 
And D this part makes your mommy sad 
'Cause, A oh, what big F# eyes she had 
And she B took his hand and E led him far a-{A} way. D A 
D Still, it's just a-{E} nother bedtime A story But E tellin' it brings teardrops to my A eyes D Just another E pretty bedtime A story So, please forgive E mommy if she A cries.
CHANGE KEY: Bb Bb Then it came to pass, the King grew lonely And the pretty lady wasn't all she F seemed He Eb realized that he was wrong And Bb started his long G journey home For C he misses little Princess and his F Queen. Bb Then he was back and safe inside his castle And tears of joy came pourin' down like F rain Eb Then the castle rang with laughter Bb They lived happy G ever after C Knowin' he would F never leave a-{Bb} gain. Eb Bb
Eb Still, it's just a-{F} nother bedtime Bb story But F tellin' it brings teardrops to my Bb eyes Eb Just another F pretty bedtime Bb story So, please forgive F mommy if she Bb cries.
TAG: Eb Won't you Bb please ...forgive your F mommy If she Eb cr-i-es. Bb SOURCE: TAMMY WYNETTE'S GREATEST HITS/VOL. 3 CBS RECORDS, INC. KE-33396

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