Hey Hey

Sister Hazel

Tom: C
Save, save yourself 
Save your breath 
Save, save a little hope for me 

Take, take a rest 
Take your time 
Take, take a whole bottle of wine 

Lay your head 
Lay it down 
Lay, lay yourself down on the ground 
 	 G			C   C/B   Am	  F 
Stop me if I'm embarrassing myself 
	      G				   C  G 
But I can let this slip away 
C Hey hey, G Am What do you think about maybe, F C Staying around because lately G Am F All I can think about's you C And you think G Could I be good for you Am D I think, what am I gonna do F G C All I know is I love being with you
C Write, write the books G Right the wrongs C Right, write the little radio songs See the light G See the signs F See in between the crooked lines G C C/B Am F Help me if I'm embarrassing myself G C G I can't let this slip away solo F G Am G F D (Chorus x2) end F G C Davi Aragon ([email protected])

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