You Alone

Scott Cunningham

Tom: C
C      G       F 
Truly, my soul hopes in you 
C      G       F 
Truly, my soul trusts in You 
C     G            F 
So I will not be moved 
C     G            F 
And I shall not be moved 
F          G                Am                  D/F# 
You are my Rock, you?re my strength, you're my defense 
F          G              Am                        D/F# 
You are my Trust, from my youth, you're name I will Bless, for 
C                Am    G      F 
In you alone, In you alone, I trust 
C                Am    G      F 
To you alone, to you alone, I Run 
C                Am    G         D/F# 
In you alone, in you alone, I hope 
   F      G 
In you, I find my strength 
   F       G 
In you, is Peace and Grace 
F            D/F#                          G 
In quietness of soul, I state my case to you 
                 E                    F 
For only you can know, what I'm going through 
                   D/F#                  G 
I lay my burdens down, Surrendering to you (crying out to you) 
          E                 F 
I pour my heart, MY HOPE IS YOU!!!! 
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Submitted By: David Campbell 
Ontario Canada 

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