Tom: D
woke up to another day  
Another day to celebrate  
Bm                             A
Your beauty and your mystery, it?s more than any eye can see  
I?m not the man I was before  
With You, my life is so much more  
Bm                                   A
Break the chains and open doors to a world I can't ignore  

G Em Lord let me shine, shine like the moon D Am A reflection of you in all that I do G Em Lord let me be a light for your truth D Am C Light of the world, I wanna be used to shine for you
D As simple as a passing smile G Or listening a little while Bm A To someone that's convinced that they are in this all alone D Here's my chance to share the news G To introduce the good that's you Bm A Here you go again, you never cease to blow my mind
D You're the love that we all need Em You lift us up to our feet F#m You hold the key to eternity G C The King of Kings alive in me

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