Wild Ones

Robert Earl Keen

Tom: D
Intro: D    A    G   (x2) 

D                            G                    
I'm looking for somebody who might have come this-a-way 
D                               Em                    
Could have been an hour ago, or maybe yesterday 
G                            D               
She's pretty as a flower and shining as a star 
G                     Bm           A                 
I never thought she'd ever come so far 

D                           G              
I'm tryin' to find a woman, friendly as can be 
D                               Em                
She's never met a stranger, I'm sure you would agree 
G                              D              
And if you got to talkin', she probably made you laugh 
G           Bm           A     
Here she is in this photograph 

D A G We were the wild ones D The young guns Em A Restless as the wind D A G We were the wild ones D Now I run A And when I'm done G The wild ones will run again
D G I went on the road alone and left her there behind D Em I was thinkin' of myself, she said she didn't mind G D But love is like a songbird and every song she sings G Bm A You'll hear a sweet reminder of her wings
G A Maybe she's across the street or half a world away G Bm A I've got to find her if only just to say...

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