One Day With You

Rivers & Robots

Tom: A

verse 1: 
How lovely is 
Your dwelling place 
   E                             Bm 
My soul is crying out to be with You 
Oh for one more glimpse 
To see your face 
E                     Bm 
I was made to be with You 

D A/C# One day with You E Bm Is better than anything I could ever do
Riff: D A/C# E Bm verse 2: My soul thirsts for You, and You alone Lord, nothing in this world could satisfy 'Til I stand in awe, before Your throne And see that fire burning in Your eyes Tag: D Now that You've brought me A/C# Into Your family E Bm I can finally call you my Father God D There's nothing better A/C# There's no greater treasure E Bm Than just to be with You my Father God

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