The Fire

Rev Theory

Tom: D
Riff 1 

Riff 2 

Verse Prog 
D                       F (1st time)                    F(2nd time) 
-2--x-x--x      -----------------------  -----------------------| 
-3--x-x--x      -----------------------  -----------------------| 
-2--5-7-10      5---------2-0----------  -5---------2-0---------| 
-0--x-x--x      3-3-3-3-3-----------3--  -3-3-3-3-3-----3s5-5-3-| 
-0--3-5--8      3-------------3s5-5----  -3---------------------| 
-0--0-0--0      3----------------------  -3---------------------| 
************************************************************************ INTRO Riff 1 x2 Chorus Prog verse 1 W Verse Prog D F Tell me that I’m hopeless Tell me I’m a lost and wayward son Tell me that I’m callous Tell me that our life is too forgone Bb C So take a breath and brace yourself W Verse Prog Riff 2 Tell me I’m a lost soul Tell me I’ve one foot in the grave Tell me that I’m shallow Tell me it’s enough to keep you awake W riff 1 variation So take a breath and brace yourself Chorus riff 1 Var Bb C D F G A Coz tonight This could be the last chance before we Bb C D F C G A Die Can we rise again from the ashes? Bb C D F In this final moment Is the fire still Bb C D C D alive? Tonight riff 1 riff 2 Tell me that I’m faded Tell me that to you I’m already dead Tell me that I’m crazy For thinking that we’d ever be the same again riff 1 var Tell me that you hate me It wouldn’t be the worst thing you ever said But don’t tell me that it’s over Don’t tell me that it’s over Chorus Bridge
G# We are not the same (we’re not the same) F This life won’t last forever G# We are not the same (we’re not the same) F Why can’t we just remember? C Scars remind what burned inside, ohhhhhhh Bb D F G with intro riff drum fill Solo same as Chorus Chorus 3x C D w riff 1 Fade out with riff 1

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