Sleeping Beauty

Misc Soundtrack

Tom: C
Intro:  C G7 Dm7 

verse 1 
G7    Dm7    G7   C 
    I wonder,   I wonder  
  Dm7        G7          C    B   C B   C 
I wonder why each little bird has a someone 
   Dm7     G7        C          Am7 
To sing to,    sweet things to 
  Em         B7       Em   G7 
A gay little love melody 

verse 2 
  Dm7    G7   C 
I Wonder,   I Wonder  
   Dm7            G7           C  B    C  B   C             
If my heart keeps singing will my song go winging 
   Dm7     G7        C 
To someone,   Who'll find me 
    Dm7          G7           C   Dm7 C 
And bring back a love song to me? 

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