The Calling Chapter Two

Mike McClure

Tom: A
Intro Chords: 
A  C#m  D  A  D  A  E    
A        C#m        D       A 
Hanging around in a Mexican town 
         D            A           E  
With the rains comin? down in the dark 
A         C#m  D            A      
Hoping to find some kind of sign 
    D             A             E         A 
His soul?s on the line and he?s needing a spark 
A dark eyed angel, dressed all in white 
Steps out of the night and takes his hand 
Said you must be the one whose reason has come 
When it?s all said and done then we'll understand 
Into the night like two sparrows in flight 
Out of everyone?s sight, through the cold 
To an old man most dead, still he raises his head 
And the last word he said is that the story?s been told 
Said blessed is the man whose hearing a callin? 
And twice blessed is he that answers that call 
For his hand will stand when the mountains are falling 
But he may spend some time with his back to the wall 
Repeat last verse 

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