Methinks I See Thee Jane

Mean Mary

Tom: C
Capotraste na 2ª casa

Intro: G   D   G   D 

verse 1 
G                                 C                    D 
When the hush of night lays deep, when the moon shines eerie red 
G                                 C               D 
When most watchers are asleep and even nightmares stay in bed 
 C             D                                  C 
I waited and I waited, to find the pictures in my mind 
                       D                            C 
But a scene I’d not created and those pictures intertwined 
                 D                       C 
Within a tangled dream, a firefly flits about 
                 D                                        G 
A scene almost unseen, just a flash, the flash goes out 

D C G With contradictions all about D C G My convictions turn to doubt D C ~ Am Oh, how bitter a thought’s free rein D G C D G C D Methinks I see thee, Jane
verse 2 G C D Was that a gleam of golden hair, flashing here, flashing there G C D C Or just a dream caught unaware, a vision of the moonlight’s glare D C Hush, don’t say a word, your eyesight’s overwrought D C Maybe something really stirred, maybe so or maybe not D C No one is planting flowers in the prowling time of night D G But in these short dark hours, even memories can bite
D C G What’s that form there in the dark? D C G Just a pine tree in the park? D C ~ Am Oh, let me not be mad, insane D G C D G C D Methinks I see thee, Jane
verse 3 G C D When I finally think it through, finally master my confusion G C D C Naughty shadows bend askew, charging through my grand illusion D C Who’s there, who goes, who’s going? My involuntary words D C Was it just the winds soft blowing, or nocturnal flocks of birds? D C Was it just the hesitation of a deer before it fled D G Was it my imagination, or was Jane somewhere ahead?
D C G A startled “Hey”, a faint “Goodbye” D C G Then away, away she’ll fly D C ~ Am Words, words, mere words remain D G C D G C D Methinks I see thee, Jane
Instrumental G verse 4 G C D High above the city streets, perched upon a window sill G C D C Above the night-time city beats, sang a lonely whippoorwill D C I heard it’s melancholy song, I know she heard it too D C She’d been hidden all along, oh, she saw me and withdrew D C Has her minutes, has her ways, but always a survivor D G Plays a part to make her plays, she knows what she’s alive for
D C G To hide and seek or seek and hide D C G Through windows sneak, through locks untried D C ~ Am What light shines through yon window pane? D G C D G C D C Methinks I see thee, Jane
Interlude G D C Woah-oh-oh G D C Woah-oh-oh G D C Woah-oh-oh G D G Woah-oh-oh
D C G Like a lady, like a child D C G Always shady, always wild D C ~ Am So foul and fair a day, deceives my brain D C Methinks I see D C Methinks I see D G C D G C D Methinks I see thee, Jane

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