The Means Of

Mat Kerekes

Tom: G
                G                                               Bm 
We fill our mouths full of dirt with a blank stare through all of it 
A weight hangs from the ceiling but it hasn't dropped just yet 
Don't you ever wonder about it? 
Swinging your feet from my back for this fall down the staircase 
I wrapped you up instead 
                        Cadd9                   G 
Don't you ever think about that or do you forget about it? 

Am C D Spinning lights will cover this whole ground Am C D I can't feel for you when you give out
verse 2 G Bm I'm standing up from the street with the sounds blurred from all of this Cadd9 Why does everything feel so temporary ever since? G I can only blame myself for that G Bm There's your photo hanging up for when I'm feeling down so I can still see your smile Cadd9 I miss everything about it G We all think about it
Am C D Pry the walls open for this comedown Am C D I can't feel for you if you stop now
Bridge G Bm7 Cadd9 Cadd9 Outro G Bm7 I'm looking at you now Cadd9 The time that you hold Cadd9 Tell me, have you learned the means of letting go?

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