Wave Motion Gun

Marcy Playground

Tom: E
Intro - E G#m A B 
E     G#m   A         B 
Backstage behind the curtain 
           E    G#m  A            B 
There's an armchair with a secret engine 
       E      G#m   A       B 
And You climb in and get naked watching Star Blazers  
C#5  G#5    A5       E5 
Wish you had their amenities 
C#5   G#5  A5    E5 
To fend off your enemies 
C#5 G#5      A5             E5          B5 
In one big blast from your wave motion gun  
(E G#m A B) 
And so you reach down to that secret panel and there's a 
There's a whole raft of little buttons and you 
You pick one and hope it takes you to Mars  
(C#5 G#5 A5 E5) (B5) 
Soon there'll be no pain again 
You'll feel like yourself again 
When you shoot all your heroin 
In one big blast from your wave motion gun  
|--0--|--0--|    |-----| 
|--2--|--0--|    |-----| 
|--2--|--1--|    |--4--| 
|--2--|--2--| x4 |--4--| 
|--0--|--2--|    |--2--| 
|-----|--0--|    |-----| 
(E G#m A B) 
And so downstairs behind the oven there's a 
There's a dark hole where, where the gas comes in 
You know you should, you should climb in 
It'll get you there so much faster  
Last Chorus 

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