Hope Of Israel

Lds Hymns

Tom: D
verse 1 
   D               G       D  A     D               
Redeemer of Israel, Our only delight, 
D              A    E7     A    
On whom for a blessing we call,      
D  G     D           G         A7 
Our shadow by day And our pillar by night, 
    D               A7        D         
Our King, our Deliv’rer, our all! 

verse 2 
 D                   G       D  A     D               
We know he is coming To gather his sheep 
D                  A   E7     A    
And lead them to Zion in love, 
    D    G     D           G                A7 
For why in the valley Of death should they weep 
   D               A7        D         
Or in the lone wilderness rove? 

verse 3 
 D                   G             D  A     D               
How long we have wandered As strangers in sin 
D                  A  E7     A    
And cried in the desert for thee! 
    D     G        D             G              A7 
Our foes have rejoiced When our sorrows they’ve seen, 
   D               A7        D         
But Israel will shortly be free. 

verse 4 
 D               G            D  A     D               
As children of Zion, Good tidings for us. 
D             A    E7     A    
The tokens already appear. 
      D     G     D           G         A7 
Fear not, and be just, For the kingdom is ours. 
   D               A7        D         
The hour of redemption is near. 

Verse 5 
 D               G             D    A     D   
Restore, my dear Savior, The light of thy face; 
D                  A    E7     A  
Thy soul-cheering comfort impart; 
     D   G     D               G         A7 
And let the sweet longing For thy holy place 
   D               A7        D 
Bring hope to my desolate heart. 

Verse 6 
 D                 G            D  A     D   
He looks! and ten thousands Of angels rejoice, 
D             A    E7     A  
And myriads wait for his word; 
    D      G     D           G         A7 
He speaks! and eternity, Filled with his voice, 
   D               A7        D 
Re-echoes the praise of the Lord. 

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