Joshua Hyslop

Tom: G

G                    D                            C 
In the hour of my confession when no one else can see  
G                   D                    C 
In my deepest of depression, do you know me?  
G                          D                          C 
When the light was on the surface before the land was born  
G                        D                          C 
There was beauty in the darkness, no soul had been torn  

Em G* C But tonight, if I slip I fall and this cannot be Em G* C Oh tonight, if I should call out, would you catch me?
Bridge D C No man is an island, but maybe some are stones. D C And the water wears them down until they are alone
Em G* C But tonight If I start to sink, if I cannot swim Em G* C Oh tonight, If I start to drown, would you jump in?

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