Stronger Than (ver. 2)

Hillsong Music Australia

Tom: C
C   D  Bb   
Oh lord you have shown your favor   
C         D         Bb  
your every word stands true   
C   D  Bb  
I'm  found safe within in your harbor   
C         D         Bb  
anchored deep in you   
G             F  
you washed away my tears   
gave me joy and freedom   
G          F         Bb  
lifting me through the years 
F       G  
Your love is stronger than   
    Bb                  C  
the sound of heaven's  praises   
F       Bb  
higher than   
    G              C  
the lofty mountain peaks   
F       G  
deeper than   
      Bb            C  
the deepest ocean valleys   
G      F       Bb  
strong enough for me 

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