Tom: A
Intro: G#m A B  
Verse 1:  
 Your faithfull love  
      E          B         C#m7  
 Has always been there for me  
 The greatest love  
      E            B       B  
 That I have ever Known  
Verse 2:  
            A        E  
 What can I give to You  
                B        C#m7  
 For all You've given to me  
 You gave it all  
     E             B     B  
 And You are all I need  
             B    C#m7          A      
  You are my King,   You are my God 
                B     C#m7  
  The praises I bring,  
               A       A  
  Come from my heart  
G#m This is for You, A B For all You've done for me G#m And I wanted to show You A B How much You mean C#m7 B A My God, my God
solo: C#m7 B A x2 Brigde: G#m A B This is for You... G#m A B This is for You... x4

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