Greg Graffin

Tom: Em

verse 1 
D                          G 
If I had a dollar for each time you let me down 
     D                              G 
Then I'd have been a rich man long ago 
        D                C              G 
But the thing with lofty notions is you got to let them go 
  Em                A 
Relieve yourself of proof 
  Em               A 
Believe in higher truth 
    Em              A                Bm       A     G 
And look for deeper meaning like the way that poets do 
     Em        A           D 
So I only ride shotgun for you 

verse 2 
D                               G 
Heading out with you behind the wheel is like a poem 
  D                             G 
I hold my tongue and exercise restraint 
     D            C                G 
That old familiar roadhouse always puts us in the mood 
     Em                A 
Just as we cross the track 
  Em                    A 
I watch you knock them back 
    Em                  A 
And though we see those city lights 
  Bm        A       G 
Instead, we hit the sack 
  Em        A           D 
I only ride shotgun for you 

Bm                           G 
Highways bring on loneliness but I won't beg forgiveness 
Bm                       D    A 
'Cause that is where I'm happiest to be 
With you there next to me 

Instrumental: A Em A Em A Em A 

verse 3 
        Em             A 
So I'll send them my regards 
        Em             A 
In that dark and moldy bar 
    Em              A                    Em               A 
Now I won't have to gamble 'cause that's always where you are 
    Em              A         Em            A 
But like a shooting star, I'm useless from afar 
       Em          A             Bm      A     G 
So I'm blazing for glory to come get you in my car 
    Em           A              Bm A G 
And darling, you know my aim is true 
         Em        A           D 
'Cause I only ride shotgun for you 

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