Old Old House

George Jones

Tom: D
There's an old, old house 
     G               D 
that once was a man- sion 
     G                    A 
On a hill overlooking the town 
But (D time has left a wreck- age) 
Where once there was beauty 
                 A                 D 
And soon the old house will tumble down 

                             G       D 
But when the leaves start to fall in autumn 
                  G             D 
And the raindrops drip from the trees 
There's an old old man 
Who walks in the garden 
        G       A        D 
And his head is bowed in memories 

                      G                         D 
They say he built the mansion for the love of a woman 
                   G              A 
They planned to be married in the fall 
        D            D                         D 
But her love for him faded in the last days of summer 
                     A           D 
And the house stands empty after all 

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