One Good Friend

George Canyon

Tom: D
{Intro}    Dx2 
               D                                     A                             C                                        G 
Well my daddy used to tell me, any man can be a king, it ain?t that complicated, it?s a very simple 
           Gm7                                      D     A       Bm                              F    G         D  
Thing, you don?t need no castle, a thrown for sitting in, __all you need is one, good, friend _____ 
          D                                                  A                                   C 
If you find yourself somebody, who would meet you at a stump, on a rainy Sunday morning before 
     G                               Gm7                                            D           A      Bm 
The sun is even up, Who would stand right there beside you, fight any fight again 
                      F    G     Dx2 
then you got one, Good, friend 
G D Em D Bm G Dx2 There is nothing wrong with all those rowdy boys I run with, the one's that I go drink with after work G D Em D Ex2 Ax2 Lately it?s been hitting me that when my hearts in trouble you?re the one that always shows up first ____
D A C G You?re a pleasure as a lover, you?re a treasure as a wife, I don?t have to wonder, what I can count on Gm7 D A Bm F G D In this life, you already prove it to me, time and time again, baby your one good friend Gx2 D A Bm F G D You?re the one that sends me flying, and gently reels me in, ___baby your one, good, friend

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