Tom: Am
Am                        C 
Come on, talk me to stay, I dare you to 
G                             Dm 
Running, running out of time, what can I do? 
Am                        C 
Everlasting never lasts if you refuse 
G                         Dm 
To commit, to never stay away 

Am                          C 
Everything gets out of hand when you're in doubt 
G                            Dm 
Pulling me is what I need to push you out 
Am                       C 
Everybody, lose control, but you my dear 
G                       Dm 
Got you far, so far and help can't bring you here 

Am                 C 
It's ok, you can't be my lover 
G                   Dm 
It's ok, I can get another 
Am                C 
Here you'll stay, please don't bother 
G                Dm 
I'll make my own way 

Am        C         G     Dm 
Won't you please leave me be? 

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