Fake Problems

Tom: C
Capotraste 4ª casa 

Intro: C G F G  
       C G F F 

Verso 1: 
C               G                   F              G 
It was funny at first but now it's, it's getting old 
C                   G                    F        G 
the way you seem to reappear, when I start moving on 
C                             G        F                    G 
Well I heard you were at some parties, getting high with my friends 
C                   G                  F            G 
Hey baby it's kinda funny, you started smoking weed again 

C          G       F             G 
Nowadays I get up, around 8 or 9 o'clock 
I've been real productive,  
I've been writing songs,  
F                     G 
and I've been singing alot 
C                       G               F               G 
Now I don't do half the stupid things I did behind your back 
C                      G              F              G 
In fact since you have been away I've had no use for that 

F G C But I've come dangerously close, F G C to giving it all up F G C-Em-Am You know you weren't the only one F G C That I didn't pretend to love
Intro: C G F G C G F F Do you C G F G remember when you were away at school and I was still living with my mom C G F G Do you remember the things we'd say to each other, over the phone. C G F G One night you were so drunk that you said you could be with me forever C G F G and I thought I was so cool when I said 'My dear that'd be my pleasure' C G F G Well, towards the end there, we really lost our steam C G F G Felt such disconnect from everything, my sleep, I wouldn't dream C G F G But now I don't feel so damn heartless anymore, C G F G cause I feel the passion I didn't believe in before F G C and I'm so glad I do F G C still believe in you F G C-Em-Am You know you weren't the only one F G I didn't pretend to love C F G C you always have nothing to say F G C but it's such a beautiful, blank face F G C Em Am I'd say keep in touch, but I'm sure you won't F G C make that mistake

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