Lazy Days


Tom: D#
Capotraste na 1ª casa
Intro ():  D   Am7   G    Am7   D   Am7   G  repeat 
Those same chords play the same way throughout the verses and Chorus' 
D           Am7 
Lazy old day 
G         Am7 D 
Rolling away 
D               Am7 G 
Dreaming the day away 
Don't want to go 
Now that I'm in the flow 
Crazy amazing day 
One red balloon 
Floats to the moon 
Just let it fly away 
I only know 
That I'm longing to go 
Back to my lazy day 
G     Bm   A         D 
And how it sings and how it sighs 
    G      Bm     A 
And how it never stays 
   Bm       A        D 
And how it rings and how it cries 
     G      Bm    A 
And how it sails away... 
away... away.... 

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