Waltz #2 (XO)

Elliott Smith

Tom: Am
Waltz #2 (XO) - Elliott Smith  
Tried to get this pretty close...  
  Am             C     
First the mike, then a half cigarette  
  F     D7      G  
Singing Cathy's Clown  
  Dm                        Am  
That's the man she's married to now  
  B5                       E7  
That's the girl that he takes around town  
  Am                        C  
She appears composed, so she is, I suppose  
  F    D7      G  
Who can really tell?  
  Dm                   Am  
She shows no emotions at all  
  B5                        E7  
Stares into space like a dead china doll  
 Am         C    F        C       F     C     G  
I'm never gonna know you now, but I'm gonna love you  
 Dm               F               C      G    Am  
I'm here today, expected to stay, on and on and on....  
 Dm            F  
I'm tired....I'm tired  
Verse 2  
Now she's done and they're calling someone  
Such a familiar name  
I'm so glad that my memory's remote  
'Cause I'm doing just fine, hour to hour, note to note  
Here it is, the revenge to the tune, you're no good  
You're no good, you're no good, you're no good  
Can't you tell that it's well understood  
Verse 3  
Looking out on the substitute scene  
Still going strong  
XO mom  
It's okay, it's alright, nothing's wrong  
Tell mr. man with impossible plan  
to just leave me alone  
In the place where I make no mistakes  
In the place where I have what it takes...  

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