The whe way i was made

Ed Cash

Tom: A
A   Asus - A   Asus - A   Asus - A   Asus   A 
                    Bm      D9                    A   Asus - A 
Caught in the half-light, I m caught alone 
          Bm              D9                 A   Asus - A 
Waking up to the sunrise and the radio 
                     Bm   D9                      A   Asus - A 
Feels like I m tied up, what s holding me  
           Bm       D9                              A   Asus - 
Just praying today will be the day I go free 
A I want to live like there s no tomorrow F#m I want to dance like no one s around Bm I want to sing like nobody s listening Esus E Before I lay my body down A I want to give like I have plenty F#m I want to love like I m not afraid Bm I want to be the man I was meant to be G D (A) I want to be the way I was made
Bm D9 A Asus - A Made in Your likeness, made with Your hands Bm D9 A Asus - A Made to discover who You are and who I am Bm D9 A Asus - A All I ve forgotten - help me to find Bm D9 A Asus - All that You ve promised let it be in my life Chorus G D/F# - F - G D/F# - F - G Chorus (last line 4x) Artist: Chris Tomlin Copyright Credits: Written By: Ed Cash, Jesse Reeves, Chris Tomlin Copyright: © 2004 songs ********* You found it at E-Chords Submitted By: David Campbell Ontario Canada

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