Between The Land And Sky

Duda Velasquez

Tom: C
     C       G        A       F 
Between the land and sky i am 
   C             F          G 
Thinking she?s here but i don?t understand 
    C         G       A        F 
For this is where she does set me 
  C         F  G 
Until the day she set me free 
Between the sky and moon i will cry 
Trying to find my place in your life 
And if sometimes you don?t believe 
For only she knows , only is she 
   D                   A  
Above the clouds and over all stars 
   D                  A  
Above the planets júpiter and mars  
         C     G      A          F 
Are places we might never  know why 
  C         F   G               C 
Until the day she shows how to cry 
under water calm 
under water fierce 
are world we know more 
of they never might be 
  C        G   A7                 D  
until the day she brings me the light 
         G        C 
between land and sky 

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