Me And My Uncle

Dino Valenti

Tom: G
G F Gm G  
F G F G  
C D  
G F G F 

G   Gm                                Bb          F    G    Gm   
Me and my uncle went riding on down...West Colorado... To Texas town 

G    Gm                        Bb                           F   
We stopped over in Santa Fe...that being the point bout half way 

Eb        F                        Gm       G Dm F  
Besides it was the hottest part of the day 
I took the horses down to the stall...I went to a bar...ordered drinks for all  

 Bb                                                         F  
Three days in the body hurt...It being summer...I took off my shirt 

 Eb                                  G             
I was tryin to wash off some of that dusty dirt 
 C  D Gm F G  

            Gm                                    Bb             C   
West Texas cowboys all over town, with liquor and money my friend they was  
loaded down 

  F                                        Gm           Bb             F 
So soon after seemed a me and my uncle starts up a friendly game 

Gm              G             F   
We call it high low jack and the winner takes the hand 
 Gm                                                               Bb  
Uncle starts to winning the cowboys are getting cowboy calls him  

 F          C        Gm  
down... and then two more                                         Bb  
They said he was but that can't be...I know my uncle man and  
             F C  
he's honest as me 

 Gm         F               Gm              G     F  
and I'm as honest as a devil of a man could be 
Gm                                               F       C              Gm  
One of those cowboys starts to draw...I shot him down my friend before he saw me  
Bb                                                 F       
I shot another godamn and he won't grow old...and in confusion my uncle  
grabbed the gold 

Gm      Fm                   Gm  
and we hightailed it down to Mexico 
F Dm C Gm  
Gm                                                  F    Bb      C      G  
I love them cowboys...I love their gold...I love my uuuuuuuunccclllle...God  
rest his soul                                              Bb  
he taught me good man...taught me all i know...he taught me so good...I  
grabbed the gold  
 Eb             F           Gm  
and I left him lying there by the side of the road 

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