I want to love you

Delbert McClinton

Tom: G
        Verse 1 
  G7/9+        Cm7                                 Cm6             
        I wanta love you, take you in my arms and love you 
                                   Dm7/5-             G7/9- 
        It's not just because your always on my mind, with me 
                                 Cm7        G7/9+  
        all the time, I just wanta love you. 
        Verse 2 
               Cm7                                        Cm6 
        I wanta kiss you girl, and let you know how much I miss you 
                                  Dm7/5-                G7/9- 
        I'm having feelings like I never had before and all I want  
                              Cm7       G7/9+  
        is more, I just wanta love you. 
Cm7,Eb,F Dbmaj7 Baby are you ready to stop wastin time would it help you if G7/9+ I let my love light shine.
Verse 3 G7/9+ Cm7 Cm6 I wanta trust you, turn my feelings over to you, let you Dm7/5- G7/9- see the frightend child inside of me, how frail a man can Cm7 G7/9+ be, I just wanta love you. :Solo over chord changes to verses.

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