If You Could Wait

Danny Doyle

Tom: F
Intro F  Bb  Gm  F 


F               Bb         F 
If you could wait a moment longer, 
              Bb  Gm           F 
The sun would rise before the morn. 
                     Bb          F 
The shadows from the skies would vanish, 
        Bb  Gm            F 
And the day   be twice as long. 


      Bb  Gm      F 
Every minute be an hour, 
      Bb Gm         F 
Every hour a loving kiss, 
       Gm                  C 
Every kiss a fresh spring flower, 
Sparkling in the morning mist. 

              Bb         F 
If you were here again beside me, 
            Bb   Gm        F 
The running waters I would hold. 
                       Bb      F 
And turn their flow to you, my lover, 
             Bb  Gm             F 
To wash your feet, your hair of gold. 


      Bb  Gm            F 
Every drop    a silver crystal, 
      Bb  Gm       F 
Every crystal all aglow, 
      Gm                C 
Every glow a breath of beauty, 
From your skin like dimpled snow. 

                   Bb                F 
But since you've gone, the light has faded, 
          Bb  Gm        F 
Birds are silent in the wood. 
                     Bb       F 
The grass still trampled in a hollow, 
          Bb Gm             F 
Marks the spot on which you stood. 


      Bb Gm         F 
Every tree a sad reminder, 
      Bb       F 
Every branch a memory bare, 
      Gm                 C 
Every memory tinged with sorrow 
              Gm C          F          
That you are gone  and I still care. 


F Dm F 

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