Tom: A
Capotraste na 2ª casa
G                               C 
I'd build a ladder to the moon 
G                                 C 
And there i'd carve your name 
G                                     C 
If it would brighten up this room 
G                           C 
But u know that anyway 
G                 C 
I can't be the rock 
G       C 
Not today 
G                             C 
Sometimes i wanna pop 
G                             C 
Sometimes i wanna say 
D C I'd like to breakdown D C But i can't find the time D C Bm Em They're all lookin' to me, to keep it in line C 1. I hope i can keep it in line 2. I'm gonna keep it in line 3. I'm gonna keep it in line, just like every single time
G C Sometimes i slow it down G C To hear what i haven't heard G C When darkness rolls around G C I scream at the world G C His picture's on my wall G C He looks about my age G C I wonder if he ever broke at all G C I wonder if he ever had to say
G C It's gonna work itself out G C It always does G C At the last drop of doubt G C Just like it never was

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