You do all things well

Chris Tomlin

Tom: D
Capo = 2nd fret  
II: C  Em  D :II   
Verse 1: 
                   C        Em D 
Mountain maker  
              C            Em  D 
Ocean tamer  
Glimpses of You 
    Em           D              
Burn in my eyes 
The worship of heaven  
 Em              D 
Fills up the skies  
G You made it all D/F# Said, 'let there be' Am7 And there was C All that we see G The sound of Your voice D/F# The works of Your hands Am7 C You do all things well Am7 C You do all things well Am7 C You do all things well
Verse 2: C Em D Star creator C Em D Wind breather C The strokes of Your beauty Em D Brushed through the clouds C Light from the heavens Em D Touching the ground (play Chorus) YOU DO ALL THINGS WELL ? pg. 2 Bridge: Em7 D C Imagination runs wild Am7 G/B C D And breathes the breath of life Em7 D Across the fields C Am7 Across the miles (play Chorus until you are finshed and/or play the intro chords for awhile) Artist: Chris Tomlin Copyright Credits: Written By: Chris Tomlin, Michael John Clement and Jesse Reeves Copyright: © 2004 / sixsteps music Album: Arriving ********* You found it at E-Chords Submitted By: David Campbell Ontario Canada

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