Hushabye Mountain

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Tom: Am
I couldnt find the chords for this online so made them up to get my 2 year old off to sleep. 
Strum or Thumb pick bass and finger pick top 3 strings for a nice gentle fall asleep song.... 
(Am) A gentle (C)breeze  from (F6) Hushabye (Am)Mountain 
(Am) Softly )C)blows o'er (F6 )lullaby(E) bay. 
(Am) It fills (C) the sails of (F6) boats that are (Am) waiting-- 
(Am) Waiting to (C) sail your (E) worries (Am) away. 
It isn't far to Hushabye Mountain 
And your boat waits down by the key. 
The winds of night so softly are sighing-- 
Soon they will fly your troubles to sea. 
So close your eyes on Hushabye Mountain. 
Wave good-bye to cares of the day. 
And watch your boat from Hushabye Mountain 
Sail far away from lullaby bay. 
Any chord errors are my own but feel free to copy  
and distibute them to look foolish as well.. 
Mark Sullivan (UK) 
{Thanks to [email protected] for lyrics as copied from} 

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