Mercy Said No

Cece Winans

Tom: F
F                                   Edim                  F 
I was just a child when I felt the Savior leading 
   Dm    Gm                                     F 
I was drawn to what I could not understand 
                                                             Gm                 G                  
And for the cause of Christ I have spent my days believing 
                    A#    F                   A#             F 
That what He'd have me be  is    who I am 
      Gm         Dm     F         C                     Dm 
As I've come   to see   the weaker side   of  me 
  C                      Dm  F                Dm 
I realized His grace is what I'll need  
When sin demanded justice for my soul 
              A#    F 
Mercy said  no   
                         F      Dm              A#                       Gm 
I'm not going to let you go     I'm not going to let you slip away 
         A#m     F                 Dm            
You don't have to be afraid     Mercy said no 
Mercy said no   
Sin will never take control 
Life and death stood face to face 
                                    C#       F  
An' darkness tried to steal my heart away   

Thank You Jesus, mercy said no 

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