Dark Moll Of The Glen

Cathie Ryan

Tom: C
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C  G  B7  Em  C  Em  D  G 

verse 1 
                     D         C              Em 
On the mountain I am lost with one cow for my herd 
         C           D         C    G 
From the east to the west I am crossing 
   C                  G      B7             Em 
To where the sun will set, bereft of all my sense 
        C               Em     D     G 
With no solace from my love to guide me 

verse 2 
                        D            C                Em 
She is dark Moll of the glen, she is dark Moll of the steed 
     C          D        C G 
Dark woman more red than roses 
       C           G           B7           Em 
Oh, if I could but choose just one precious bloom 
   C                Em        D      G 
My dark Moll of the glen, I'd choose you 

verse 3 
                   D           C               Em 
Down to the glen I look for my lone, my secret love 
        C             D              C   G 
From my grey eyes the tears they are falling 
       C          G        B7               Em 
Oh, my god of all grace, relieve me of this grief 
       C             Em      D    G 
For my dark Moll has left me breaking 

G  D  C  Em  C  D  B7 
C  G  B7  Em  C  Em  D  G 

verse 4 
                D     C             Em 
To Leinster I'd go to win a woman's love 
    C            D               Em  B7 
And she with two thousand in her own herd 
    C                   G          B7             Em 
The earl's own daughter fair would have me in her snare 
      C          Em       D     G 
It is dark Moll alone who holds me 

Verse 5 
                  D          C               Em 
When the branch withers, its fruit no longer grows 
           C          D         Em   B7 
As it will on the younger trees blooming 
       C           G                  B7     Em 
Oh, my dark one so lovely, I've given all mo chroi 
       C           Em       D G 
I send farewell to thee for always 

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