I Think I Knew

Cate Le Bon

Tom: G
G      C              Am 
There's no talking to him 

    C              Am                   Em 
His eyes are upon dust, steam, and tepid water 

Dm                    G 
I am home just to sit with him 

Dm              Fmaj7       C               G 
Aging at the notion of a life time on earth -- whim 

Cmaj7                  Am 
There's no working it out 

C                  Am                    Em 
My wanting is beyond all fears of formula 

     Dm                          G 
There's no boundary to devotion 

      Dm          Fmaj7             Cmaj7           G        G 
No territory to handle and cut neatly into -- three 

F Em G F 

I wish I knew x6 

verse 2: 

G    C                    Am 
      No sign on the door 

Cmaj7    Am            E 
No title to the deeds I'm digging for 

                Dm                  G 
A pun you wade into that ocean 

Dm          Fmaj7 
Blot out all uncertainty 

Cm                   G 
And call it as I -- be 

C                         Am 
The air is all ribbons of ice 

Cmaj7           Am                Em 
Softening the corners of my eyes 

        Dm                  G 
I was bold, I was the author 

Dm                  Fmaj7 
Doubt crept in like sickly dogs 

Cmaj7                         G 
And dragged me through the -- freeze 

F Em G F I wish I knew x6 F Em G F I think I knew x6
verse 3: G C What did you want? Am (Everything) C How would you have him? Am (On my knees) Em G There is no one that can't be opened Dm Fmaj7 This one to cut the heart in two Cmaj7 G G The other one to -- choose
F Em G F I wish I knew x6 I think I knew x12

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