Going Spades


Tom: C
verse 1 
C                F          G       G 
I play spades at two twenty three 
C                    F           G       G 
all my good friends playing with me 
C                   F       G       G 
we don't care 'bout gambeling 
C             F              G       G 
fun as far as these eyes can see 

C         G        Am                   F 
Shuffle,  Cut deck,another round-what the heck 
C      G      Am               F 
Party  Always,never know-what is next 

verse 2 
C               F       G       G 
Just in time to see the news 
    C            F        G       G 
the President is awefully crude 
C               F          G       G 
I'd not like to see him nude 
C                 F            G       G 
pumpkin-top's not good-looking dude 

C F G G Like John Lennon heard the news today C F G G I was walkin' down the Rio Grande C F G G old children with no work and all play C F G G I did not have one thing to say
Bridge C G Am F hey hey hey I'm going spades C G Am F hey hey hey I'm going spades

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