Tom: A
By Bleu Edmondson 
I'm headin' on over to your house tonight 
The stars are high above and the moon's just right 
         E                                    A 
Would you meet me where the highway hits your drive 
We've only known each other for a week or two  
But I got nothin' at home to go back to 
      E                                      A 
And I love you, I know you feel the same for me 

D A Amy, D A Amy D E Hey do ya wanna run away A with me tonight
You're daddy won't like it and you're momma's gonna cry We'll park out in the woods with some Thunderbird wine And hold hands to the songs on the radio Then we'll drive all night till the sun comes up Cigarettes burnin' in my pickup truck With no clothes on, waving at the passing cars Chorus Bridge: E D A So pack a bag and we can make our getaway D B E A Baby give me your heart I swear to God I'll be okay I got a little money from fixing up cars I hid it away in a mason jar so my Daddy Wwouldn't drink away my dream So tell me, tell me do ya, do ya wanna run you're pretty I'm wild and we're much too young to be dyin In some no name southern town Chorus Chorus

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