Key Largo

Bertie Higgins

Tom: D
D        Dm7         Em       Em7     Em6 
Wrapped around each other,  
      A7              D        Em7    A7    D 
Lying in each other's arms 
                Dm7       Em      Em7     Em6 
That first cold winter together,  
          A7            D       Em7      A7      D 
Trying so hard to stay warm; 
               Bm         Bm7                     G            G6  G              
Watching those old movies,    falling in love so desperately 
      G/F#         Em  B+ Em7    Em6          A     A7sus A7 
Honey I was your hero,       and you were my leading la - dy. 
A7 A5+ D F#m G A7 D F#m G We had it all, just like Bogie and Bacall A7 D Bm Bm G Starring in our own late, late show, A7 D F#m G A Sailing away to Key Largo.
D Dm7 Em Em7 Em Honey can't you remember? A7 D Em A7 D We played all the parts, D Dm7 Em Em7 Em That sweet scene of surrender A7 D Em7 A7 D When you gave me your heart. Bm Bm7 G G6 G Please say you will . . . play it again G/F# Em B+ Em7 Em6 A7sus4 A7 'Cause I love you still ? Baby this can't be the end. Repeat Refrain: A7 A5+ A7 D F#m G Here's lookin at you, Kid, A7 D F#m G Missing all the things we did. A7 D Bm Bm7 G We can find it once again, I know, A7 D F#m G A Just like they did in Key Largo. Repeat Refrain:

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