Dragons And Flowers

Alejandro Filio

Tom: D
Intro: D 

D                         G 
 Dragons and flowers to begin, 
 My soul is adrift and searching 
  A7sus4   A7           D      Bm 
Colors and butterflies away to play. 
G               A                D 
 Some nightmare monsters near my bed 

D G A 

I sketch a mermaid on my wall, 
One step with more graffiti. 
A magical city in my dreams, blue jeans, 
Two clouds and happy faces. 

D C9        G/B 
I found you there 
     G/Bb            D 
With flowers in your hair 
C9      G/B  G/Bb 
In your hair. 
D   C9       G/B 
you touch my hand 
    G/Bb         D    C9   G/B  G/Bb 
Now show me who I am, who I am. 

 Most people 
Bm/A               G   D/F# 
Thought that I was crazy. 
Em                   A7sus4 A7 
 They never saw your face 
Bm              Bm/A       G    D/F# 
 Your eyes like watercolor save me, 
Em                  A7             A7sus4   A7 
they brought me back, they made me stronger. 

I saw you 
First through my skin 
Your hand behind my elbow. 
Ten thousand rainbows, suns and fields to you. 
Please trust me girl and stay with me. 

I found you there 
With flowers in your hair 
In your hair. 
you Touch my hand 
Now show me who I am, who I am. 

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