Aaron Shust

Tom: Am
Am                  F 
Son of Man, Great I am, King of heaven,    
       Am                           F  
Son of God, You hold the measure of my days  
Am                  F 
Holy Lamb, spotless Lamb, You are worthy,  
     Am                             F  
I am not before Your throne I stand amazed  
C      F                 C               F 
Every tongue confess and every knee will bow  
   C                F             C                G 
To Jesus Christ the Lord forever, hear our praises now 
C Am Your name is matchless, Your name is priceless, G F Your name means more than I could know C Am You're so far above me, the way that You love me G F goes further than any love could go
Am F Wonderful Counselor, Root of David, Am F morning star You are the way, the truth, the life Am F Lion of the tribe of Judah, Am F Mighty God is who You are the only perfect sacrifice PREChorus Chorus BRIDGE: Em F Em In Your name You took the blind man and You gave him back his sight F Em In Your name You took the dead man and You brought him back to life F Em In Your name You took this prisoner and You opened up the doors F And I will sing before Your throne forever more QUIET Chorus, then FULL BAND Chorus

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