Praise The Lord Ye Heavens

Young Oceans

Tom: G
verse 1 

G                  C        G 
Praise the Lord Ye heavens adore him 
G                 D/F#    Em  
Praise him angels in the height 
G                C      G  
Sun and moon, rejoice before him 
G                   D/F       C  
Praise him, all ye stars of light  

verse 2 

G                   C         G 
Praise the Lord for he hath spoken 
G                  D/F#   Em  
Worlds his mighty voice obeyed 
G                  C       G  
Laws which never shall be broken 
G                  D/F#     G  
For their guidance he hath made  

C G All creation join the song of praise C G Let every tongue declare His mighty ways D/F# Em C G And we will sing of Your goodness and mercy all of our days
verse 3 G C G Praise the Lord for he is glorious G D/F# Em Never shall his promise fail G C G God hath made his saints victorious G D/F# G Sin and death shall not prevail Bridge C G C G C G D Glory! Glory! All glory to You Lord! verse 4 G C G Praise the God of our salvation G D/F# Em Hosts on high, his power proclaim G C G Heaven and earth, and all creation G D/F# G Laud and magnify his Name

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