Just that good (ver. 2)

The Calling

Tom: Em
                    intr.: Em Bm Em Bm 
          Em                           Bm 
A little paint, to cover what's deep inside 
          Em                     Bm 
A little truth you know we all want to hide  
             Em               Bm 
Well I'm trying now to get to you  
               Em                       Bm 
But you're telling me like you always do, 
you say: 
Am                  Bm                            Em    Bm   
 Don't hate me       cause I'm just that good 
I've got to hand it to you now 
You're a       hard one to please 
Em                                               Bm 
 When it looks as though you're got all you need 
And all the many times I've dreamed I could walk in your shoes 
What a nightmare it must be 
Just be you...say   
Am Bm Don't hate me Em 'Cause I'm just that good D A little misunderstood Am Bm You made me, Am So I'm just that good
Solo: ( Am Bm C D ) D G Step outside, walk with me Bm C Everyone I know and see is falling, D Is crawling after something maybe G A bigger house, a faster car, Bm Never knowing who they are C D ( Em Bm ) They're lonely, They're lonely, They're lonely I always say...
Am Bm Em All this time will take is toll on you D As the same it will on me Am Bm Em D Well good ain't all that good's made out to be Am Bm Don't hate me, we're all Em Just that good, Bm Em Bm Just that good, Em Just that good, Bm Em Just that good...

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